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COVID-19 General

The Open Awards office building is currently being operated by skeleton staff, working a mix of remotely and in office and as such is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please contact the team on 0151 494 2072 or If you need to speak to a specific person, direct contact details can be found here. Please be assured that temporary building closures will not affect the service you receive. 

Yes, we are continue to process certificates in line with our usual service standards. You have a choice of e-certificates or paper-based. Please contact the team on to confirm which mode of certification you prefer. 

If you have informed us that your building is closed, and you opt for paper-based certificates, we will not post these to you until you confirm the building has re-opened and somebody is on site to receive them. 

If your centre or building will be closed, please contact the team on to let us know. Whilst your building is closed, we will not post out any certificates or assessments.

If the building closure is going to affect your teaching/delivery or assessment, please contact your Quality and Standards Advisor to discuss suitable adaptations. 

For the 2020/2021 academic year, all our events, training and standardisation activities will take place remotely. Please click here to view upcoming events. 

No additional charges will be incurred by centres that relate to late registrations or submissions where you have notified us they are late due to circumstances resulting from the impact of COVID-19. Wherever possible, we ask that you continue to follow our usual procedures to avoid any disadvantage to learners. If you have any concerns relating to your delivery and assessment; administration procedures; or invoicing/charges, please contact the team on and the appropriate member of the team will give you a call to discuss.

Our guidance documents are available via the Open Awards Secure Portal, with the “Documents and Forms” section, under the sub folder “Awarding 2020/2021.

We have run a series our Webinars to cover the different aspects of Awarding this year. Recordings of these webinars can be found here