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Via email- The email should outline the nature of your query, the Standard(s) it relates to and what amendments you are seeking. We aim to respond to all queries within two working days.

Yes, we are working hard to share all communications with all EPAOs on a Standard.

Not necessarily. You will need to make requests for each standard in turn. We are happy to receive requests for multiple standards so long as your request clearly states the standards it relates to. Depending on the content of assessment plans, we may not be able to agree the same amendment for all standards.

Please keep the document updated as a live document. You do not need to submit this to your EQAP. Your EQAP will request this if needed in due course but we do not envisage this being a regular occurrence.

In the first instance, please submit a request to change an assessment method to your EQAP.

Yes. We will hold regular sessions as and when Government advice and advice from other organisations changes. The next update is scheduled for 6th April 2020.

Yes. Where an apprentice has passed gateway, EPA continues where it is possible to do so (in line with all guidance issued.)

Regulators are looking at apprenticeships as part of their coordinated response to COVID19 challenges. Whilst Ofqual has announced that GCSEs and A-Levels will be awarded based on estimated grades, this approach will not work for vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs). Estimation will not work for qualifications which have a mastery approach and which may confer license to practice. The alternatives are to delay assessments or make adaptations to assessments. Ofqual is developing guidance on the range of VTQs which is anticipated shortly. Any qualification that is deemed mandatory pre-gateway will still be mandatory.

This may be permissible provided the observation complied with Government guidance on social distancing and non-essential travel. It would also need to be considered whether EPA at this time was in the best interests of the apprentice and whether it was feasible for the employer.

No. IfATE has published guidance to state that estimation cannot be used for EPA