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Keywords e.g. warehousing
Qualification Code e.g. 600/5640/X
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Unit Code e.g. Y/505/4889
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF498
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Open Awards Unit Code e.g. UA33ART12
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF521


Hard copy signatures are not required. This can be done via an electronic signature, via email, or via scanning documents and emailing them.

All KSBs must be mapped against the evidence in the portfolio.

The EQAP will need to review these requests on a case by case basis, dependant on the scenario and number of KSBs outstanding.

This will need to be submitted on a case-by-case basis to your EQAP for consideration.

Where possible, EPAOs should adopt a business as usual approach. If apprentices have met gateway requirements there should be no delay.

If an AO is unable to print certificates at this time as required for gateway, an email confirming achievement is sufficient evidence to enter gateway

Ofqual is moving towards estimation for functional skills and they are currently working with awarding organisations, to ascertain how this should be done.  As soon as a statement is released, we will share this with EPAOs.

No. Apprentices can pass through gateway and undertake EPA without having achieved the required FSQ, at that stage. This is for the period of the Covid-19 crisis only. The order of EPA requirements has been resequenced. Achievement of FSQ must still be achieved and evidenced prior to applying for apprenticeship certification.

Full details can be found via the link here.