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ESFA rules state that a break in learning pre-gateway can be up to 4 weeks.

Apprentices who are deemed ready for assessment and cannot be assessed due to assessor illness or Covid related measures are allowed to have a break in learning as per ESFA rules with an extension of up to 12 weeks.

The maximum break in learning is 12 weeks. There could be a few shorter breaks if necessary due to assessor illness or Covid related measures but they cannot exceed 12 weeks.

For breaks in learning pre gateway, exceeding four weeks, requests should be made to ESFA. For break in learning during EPA of 12 weeks or less- EPAOs should keep a record of these for review.

Where the closure is longer than four weeks (on-programme) or 12 weeks (EPA) please speak to your EQAP in the first instance. We will look at this individually so as to not disadvantage the apprentice.

Some EPA elements may have been completed but it is not possible to complete the remainder before the break in learning is required. A break in learning can be applied at any point but cannot last longer than 12 weeks.

Yes, a break in learning can be applied at any stage- for a period not exceeding 12 weeks.

This is currently being reviewed but there is no update as yet.  However, it should be remembered that the 12 weeks rule applies where a break in learning is driven by the employer or training provider.  Where the apprentice has initiated the break in learning, it can be for longer than 12 weeks.