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Assessing Learners

Once approved to deliver Open Awards qualifications and units, centres must plan how learners will be assessed.

Most Open Awards qualifications and units have been designed around the principle that the learner will build evidence towards the achievement of the assessment criteria over a period of time.

It is likely that a variety of assessment methods will be used so an assessment plan should be created outlining how each unit will be assessed. Consideration should be given to:

  • How each unit/ assessment criteria will be assessed
  • The availability of resources at the centre
  • Staff expertise (and training requirements)
  • The most appropriate assessment methods to use
  • Devising assessment tasks that can be evidenced and verified
  • Scheduling assessment across the programme to ensure that learners are not over-assessed at any given point.

Centres must make sure that sufficient evidence is generated for each learner that clearly meets all learning outcomes and assessment criteria for all relevant units.

It is essential that all tutors/assessors:

  • Know who is managing the internal quality assurance process and who will carry out the internal quality assurance of the work they will be assessing
  • Clearly understand the internal verification requirements and procedures
  • Have information about, and access to, training opportunities and support materials, both within the centre and as provided by Open Awards
  • Know about any issues relevant to their work that may have arisen from previous Internal or External Quality Assurance reviews or from evaluation of the verification process.

The Open Awards Introduction to Delivery and Assessment Training is designed to support assessors/tutors who are unfamiliar with Open Awards assessment procedures.

For more information, visit our Centre Handbook.