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Annual Quality Compliance Visit

As an approved centre, you have undertaken to meet certain requirements regarding internal quality assurance arrangements as detailed in the Open Awards centre Agreement. Compliance with these requirements will be monitored regularly by your allocated Open Awards Lead Quality Reviewer, who will report on the progress of any agreed actions for quality improvement.

The focus of this review will be to monitor any areas identified for development in the initial risk assessment process and determine your centre’s quality risk rating.

Before the review

You will need to prepare the following documentation for the LQR/ EQA to review at the visit. If this is being undertaken remotely, the documents must be sent to the LQR/EQA by the date requested:

  • Evidence of completed actions
  • Staffing structure
  • Portfolios with assessment and IQA paperwork
  • Course resources
  • New staff CVs
  • IQA sampling strategy
  • Assessment Standardisation arrangements, including copies of SF1 or minutes of standardisation meetings
  • Amended contacts list (if applicable)
  • Updated policies, procedures, insurance.

During the review

Open Awards needs to undertake a review of each centre’s quality assurance systems, processes and related policies on an annual basis to ensure that standards are maintained. Where concerns are raised as a result of this activity, we may undertake review visits more frequently.

The Annual Quality Assurance Review will provide Open Awards LQR/ EQA with an up to date record of specific areas of compliance with the centre Agreement.

Evidence will be reviewed that covers:

  • Policy and practice
  • Learner appeals and complaints
  • Malpractice or maladministration issues
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Staffing and resources
  • Data management
  • Internal quality assurance systems
  • Attendance at Open Awards training and events
  • Course administration

In many cases, the annual review will be scheduled to allow for verification of learners’ work at the same time.

For more information, visit our Centre Handbook