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Lead External Quality Assessors (LEQAs) are allocated by standard and therefore, where End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) are registered against several standards, they may have more than one LEQA.  Standard-related queries should be addressed to the relevant LEQA.  If EPAOs have general queries, not relating to a particular standard, they should email their query to:

At present this is not possible to implement.  However, the Qualitas system introduced by the IfATE to support External Quality Assurance of End-Point Assessments (EPAs) has been developed to enable the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to share all appropriate documents/data submitted by End Point Assessment Organisations with the relevant EQAP(s).  Moving forward, this is expected to reduce the amount of information individual EQAPs will need to request from EPAOs.

EPA Monthly Data Returns should be uploaded to the Open Awards Secure Portal by the Friday of the first full week of the month.

Calendar of submissions dates webpage

The Monthly EPA Data Return informs us of specific EPA activity that has been scheduled and should reflect assessments taking place against each specific standards.  (Please refer to guidance notice on the Open Awards Secure Portal or Useful Documents webpage for completion of the return.)  This information is then used to assist us in prioritising EPAO monitoring.  LEQAs will initially request evidence and undertake desk reviews based on the information received by the EPAO. Where applicable, visits will then be scheduled to observe EPAs taking place.  It is therefore of paramount importance that EPAOs submit their monthly EPA data returns within the specified timescales, to enable LEQAs to manage/prioritise/complete their EPAO monitoring accordingly.  

Hence, EPAO's first monitoring visits will be determined by the above.

The 5-day timeline is set by IfATE.  If the EPAO is unable meet the 5-day deadline, please do not ignore the request. In such circumstances the EPAO should contact the relevant LEQA, outlining the reasons the deadline cannot be met.  Where appropriate the LEQA will agree to an extension.

No.  If there are any changes to assessment plans, all EPAOs registered against the relevant standard will be advised directly.

TBs cannot make changes to assessment plans without prior consultation with the Institute, who in turn will consult the relevant EQAP.  All communications regarding changes to assessment plans should come directly from the relevant EQAP to the EPAOs. EPAOs are therefore advised not to implement any changes proposed by a TB without the prior approval of the EQAP.  Should instances occur where a TB directly instructs EPAO(s) to make changes, then the EPAO must inform the EQAP.  This will assist the EQAP to escalate matters accordingly to the IfATE. 

EQA payments are the responsibility of IfATE and we understand communications have already commenced with EPAOs to take forward this process.

Simulation is not appropriate for any standards unless it is a “test” within the EPA.