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EQA Principles

We follow a set of principles that underpin our policies, practices, behaviours and actions. These principles work together to achieve the right outcome for apprentices and employers and transform the skills landscape.

Delivery of End Point assessment (EPA)


The EPA is current and genuinely measures occupational competence. Achievement of the apprenticeship is a dependable predictor of success in the occupation


The EPA produces consistent outcomes irrespective of context, cohort, timing or the organisations involved

Quality assurance of EPA is:


The process is high-quality, easy to use, cost-effective and facilitates the entry of new employers and EPAOs. To ensure that the right aspects of quality are measured, the right activity is undertaken by the right people, at the right time, and enabled by a digital system that generates actionable Management Information


EPA is trusted and respected by employers, apprentices and providers to deliver the right outcomes. The experience is open, transparent and accessible


Continuous improvement is embedded in all areas of the EQA framework to ensure an enduringly proactive and progressive approach to quality