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Approved Internal Verifier (AIV) Training

Approved Internal Verifier (AIV) Training - £80 per delegate

Please Note: To attend this training you must have approval from your Open Awards Lead Quality Reviewer.


 Monday 4th September 2017 - Sunday 10th September 2017 
 Monday 2nd October 2017 - Sunday 8th October 2017 
 Monday 6th November 2017 - Sunday 12th November 2017 
 Monday 4th December 2017 - Sunday 10th December 2017 
 Monday 8th January 2018 - Sunday 14th January 2018 
 Monday 5th February 2018 - Sunday 11th February 2018 
 Monday 5th March 2018 - Sunday 11th March 2018
 Tuesday 3rd April 2018 - Monday 9th April 2018 
 Tuesday 8th May 2018  - Sunday 13th May 2018 
Monday 4th June 2018 - Sunday 10th June 2018
Monday 2nd July 2018 - Sunday 8th July 2018 

To make a book, please click here and select your desired session


Please note that lunch is not provided but tea and coffee is available.

Aspects of the role of AIV in relation to:

  • learners,
  • external contacts
  • the centre:

Procedures and processes important in IQA:

  1. Supporting Tutor/Assessors
  2. Supporting the assessment process
  3. Supporting the development of the course
  4. Pre-course verification
  5. Sampling issues
  6. On-course verification
  7. End-course verification
  8. Feedback to tutor/assessors
  9. Equality and diversity issues in verification
  10. Standardisation events
  11. Verification of the IQA process at the centre.
  12. Reporting AIV Activity to the Open Awards
  13. Models of IQA

Consideration will be given to the documentation that is available from Open Awards to record and evidence the IQA process.

PLEASE NOTE You are expected to bring to the event a file containing your current records of the IQA process at your centre. During the day you will be expected to analyse your current IQA procedures and documentation in the light of the above content. You will then be expected to draw up an action plan which will detail any additions or changes that are necessary in order to bring your current IQA system into line with the procedures and documentation presented above.

After implementing these actions you will then need to arrange a meeting with your Lead Quality Reviewer. The LQR will need to see evidence of this implementation. Once this step has been satisfactorily completed the LQR will be able to confirm your recognition as AIV for your Centre. This training session attracts 3 Open Awards CPD points.

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