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What is this training? This training is designed to introduce designated Administration contacts at centres to the duties and processes involved in administering the registration and awards of Open Awards accredited courses and qualifications.

How long is it for? This is a half-day event.

We work hard to ensure that all of our processes are as clear as possible and so we advise all Administration Contacts to attend this training in order to make things run as smoothly as possible!

What we will cover in the training:


Centre Recognition

Your customer service team at Open Awards

Your role as the administration contact


Secure Portal - Registration and Awards


Charging Structure

Service Standards

Useful links

Extra: This training session attracts 3 Open Awards CPD points


 Date Time
 Thursday 18th May 2017 14:00 - 16:30
 Thursday 15th June 2017 10:00-12:30
 Thursday 13th July 2017 14:00- 16:30
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