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Keywords e.g. warehousing
Qualification Code e.g. 600/5640/X
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Unit Code e.g. Y/505/4889
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF498
Keywords e.g. warehousing
Open Awards Unit Code e.g. UA33ART12
Open Awards Unit ID e.g. CBF521

FAQs - Access Learners


Certificates will be ready and sent to providers by 31st July unless there are any queries on their award. They may be sent sooner. The provider is asked to check the certificates then distribute to learners promptly. Learners should be advised to liaise directly with the provider. If the university is asking for the certificate, learners can suggest to the university that they contact us for free access to our results service.

Open Awards upload results to UCAS on or around the 31st July. The UCAS Applicant Tracking system is closed on the same day and will open again on the 8th August. During this period universities will make offers to learners via the tracking system.

Yes. We will check your details to make sure that we have a record of you on the system. If we you will need to complete the certificate reissue form here. Please see full reissue process here for further guidance.

All certificates are dispatched to an agreed contact at the provider. Learners should be directed to the provider.

You should speak to your provider in the first instance and follow their complaints and appeals procedure. If you The learner are unsatisfied with the formal response form the college then you should get back in touch with us following our Compliments, Comments and Complaints procedure. More information can be found here.